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Kid having her eyes tested by an optician


At L Thompson Optometrist, we work hard to make sure both the child and the parent have the most enjoyable and worry-free eye test experience possible!

Kid's Eye Tests

A remarkable amount of eye development takes place during the first few years of life as we learn to focus and coordinate our vision. By the age of 5, sight is the dominant sense in almost every activity we undertake. However it is estimated that a quarter of school-age children have a degree of vision problem.

If problems to visual development are picked up early and treated the chances of better vision in adult life are far increased.

kid going to school while wearing glasses

Glasses For Children

Even if visible issues like a squint or lazy eye exist, children who have visual impairments hardly ever complain about their vision.

Should you observe any of the above behaviours, it could suggest that your child is experiencing visual difficulties:
overly near to the television

  • Frequently wiping their eyes and blinking a lot

  • A lack of interest in reading or struggles in education

  • expressing discomfort with headaches

  • bringing things near to their face

Children's eyes should normally be examined every two years, but if you are concerned, you can have them examined more frequently.

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