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Have you noticed that your hearing isn't as clear as it once was? Any age can be affected by hearing loss, which might make us feel less inclined to socialise because it's hard to participate in a conversation if you can't understand what is being said. However, you shouldn't let that stop you; visit L Thompson to learn more about your options for hearing care and to receive a free hearing test.

Hearing Tests

For your peace of mind, we conduct comprehensive hearing exams that evaluate every aspect of your hearing. If a hearing aid is necessary, we will go over your options with you and provide some in-person demonstrations so you may choose the ideal one for your needs and way of life.

Hearing test

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Never Settle,
Your Hearing Matters

Scheduling a free hearing test is a crucial part of maintaining your hearing health. If you need hearing aids, we can assist. We offer a great range of rechargeable and invisible devices, with warranties of up to five years. You won't ever have to be concerned about your hearing aids breaking down thanks to our repair and servicing option.

Our Audiologist

Audiologist at L Thompson Opticians

After completing a BSc in Audiology in 2010, Christina went on to work as an Audiologist in the NHS before deciding to move into private practice. Experience working with a world-leading hearing aid manufacturer, developed her knowledge and technical skills, which are now usefully applied to selecting the optimum hearing aid settings for each individual patient. She feels passionately about helping people to understand their hearing health and utilising technology to improve their quality of life.


Outside of work Christina’s favourite thing to do is spend time with family. She also enjoys a game of tennis, playing the piano and going to the gym every now and then!

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