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woman putting on contact lenses


Contact lenses are a great addition to your eye look and the advances in contact lens technology, materials and design now mean more patients than ever can wear contact lenses.

Contact Lens Assessments

We have a specialist interest in contact lenses and offer a wide choice of lenses to suit all visual needs and lifestyles.

collection of contact lenses with glasses

How it Works

Folowing an eye examination we can discuss when you would like to wear your contact lenses and then inform you about the best type of lenses to fit your wearing needs, prescription and budget. We will then get trial lenses in and book you in for a contact lens trial. We will teach you how to handle your lenses, cleaning regimes and check the vision and fit. If that has all gone well you can leave wearing your new contact lenses, returning 2 weeks later where we check how you've got on.

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