Children's Eyecare



It is estimated that a quarter of school-age children have a degree of vision problem"


It is not always easy to know if a child's eyesight is below standard.


A sight test is essential to give them the best start



It is crucial for children of all ages to have regular sight tests. Every child under 18 and in full-time education is eligable for a free NHS sight test, and if glasses are needed a voucher is issued to help fund glasses. 



A remarkable amount of eye development takes place during the first few years of life as we learn to focus and coordinate our vision. By the age of 5, sight is the dominant sense in almost every activity we undertake. However it is estimated that a quarter of school-age children have a degree of vision problem.


If problems to visual development are picked up early and treated the chances of better vision in adult life are far increased.


At L. Thompson Optometrists we test children from any age, if you think there is a problem, we want to see your child.


Amy Thompson has a specialist interest in childrens visual development and has done further qualifications with City University, London. She has worked at Macclesfield and Leighton hospital in the orthoptic department and is listed under the Staffs paediatric shared care scheme with UHNS.

If you have a particular concern about your child's eyes please ask for Amy when you book in. 



If your child needs glasses we issue an NHS Voucher at the time of the sight test, this can be used towards their new glasses. We have a great range of kids and teenage frames to choose from. 


Accidents do happen and if your child breaks their glasses the NHS provide a repair voucher to go towards fixing or replacing broken glasses. 

Football Eyewear


Several of our young patients are avid football players and ask regularly about the rules and regulations on wearing glasses whilst playing. Here is the advice given by the Association of British Dispensing Opticians. We can advise you on the best frame and lens, whilst keeping our eyes on the budget!



There are three important elements to consider when considering children wearing spectacles whilst playing football:
1. Safety
2. Stability of fit
3. Optimum efficiency





The minimum requirement is standard plastic (‘CR39’) lenses, although it is recommended that both polycarbonate and Trivex materials be strongly considered due to their increased safety properties.


Any conventional plastic framed spectacles, but without adjustable pad arms as normally found on most metal spectacle frames, that provides full coverage of the orbit and is fitted with an effective sports band is likely to be suitable. The preferred option is a purpose made wrap-around frame with full cushioning and sports band attachment.

Contact lenses

If there are no contra indications, contact lenses are an excellent alternative to wearing spectacles and offer a specific and safe alternative for the purposes of playing football.

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