Having to wear glasses doesn't have       to stop you playing sports                 



Swimming goggles, Diving masks, cycling, sailing, Tennis, ski goggles....You name the sport and we'll try to match the glasses to it!

We have frames that can be used without prescription and frames which can be glazed or have inserts for your lenses. Many patients also benefit from contact lenses worn specially for sport.






We have a range of specialised cycling glasses available for
both prescription and non-prescription wearers. All have interchangeable lenses
that allow you to change the tinted lens between clear, yellow and full
sunglass tints depending on the light conditions your riding in. For those with
a prescription an insert is included so you can have clear vision, but still
have the same changeable tint options. The insert is also removable if you like being able to choose between your glasses and contact lenses.




The rules concerning children playing football in glasses have recently been updated, please see the new advice on our Kids page.  

We would advise having plastic lenses as a minumum, however we recommend having Polycarbonate lenses as they are more impact and scratch resistant. This is the material that safety spectacles are made from.

There are specialised sports frames available, which contain full cushioning and a sports band attachment to ensure they stay in place.
Any plastic frame is suitable, but fitting it with a sports band will make it stay in place better and be more comfortable whilst playing.
Metal frames with nose pads are not really recommended as they can bend and twist if they suffer impact.




People who require a prescription whilst on the slopes have
two main options, either a ski goggle designed to fit comfortably over their
current spectacles or a ski mask which contains an insert with their prescription.
Both mean you can get clear vision whilst on the slopes. To assist this we
would recommend a polarised ski goggle lens which will cut down on the
glare from the snow. New technology also means that now available are ski
lenses which change their level of tint dependent upon the light conditions, in
a very similar way to photochromic lenses such as transitions. This means that
you only need one goggle for all different light conditions, from overcast to
bright sunlight.


Prescription swimming goggles are also available in both
children and adult sizes, meaning you can see whilst at the pool without the
need to have contact lenses, which are not advisable for when swimming.
Also available are diving masks for scuba diving, which can
have inserts containing prescription lenses in them allowing for better,
clearer vision when scuba diving.



Amber lenses can really improve your game by giving clearer

definition between the rough and the fairway, they also improve contrast on the
green. This offers an improvement over regular glasses or normal sunglasses. We
also have a selection of lens shapes which give a wider field of vision than
regular glasses, improving your ability to see the course.
There is also help available
for those who require both distance and reading correction, but who don’t like
playing in varifocals or regular bifocals. A small outer edge bifocal can offer
just enough area to fill in your scorecard, but not affect your ability to



Sun protection is extremely important when out on the water

as the amount of sunlight hitting your eyes is increased by the light
reflecting off the water. Polarised sunglass lenses are recommended for people
who sail to reduce the amount of glare off the water. This improves not only
the clarity of vision but also makes it more comfortable for your eyes. We
stock Polaroid and Bollé sunspecs, who specialise in sunglasses for sailing and were the official supplier for the GB Olympic sailing team at London 2012.

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