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When choosing eyewear it is important to get the balance between visual requirements, facial features, comfort and fashion.


Following on from your eye exam our dispensing team will assess your prescription and needs and help you to choose the right frame to get this balance right. We will then take all the necessery measurements in order to achieve optimum vision through your new lenses.


We use a couple of trusted optical labs to glaze our frames. As independents we have access to a wide variety of lenses for single vision, bifocal and varifocals. We tend to prefer Essilor and Rodenstock lenses but if you have a preference please let us know.



There are a wide variety of spectacle frames on the market, the major four types are: Plastic frames, Metal frames, Semi-rimless and Rimless. Lots of the glasses available today fall in the unisex category and suit both sexes. We do offer a wide range of traditional mens or womens frames in all the above styles to accommodate every lens choice from single vision to varifocals.


Plastic Frames

Plastic frames have made a huge comeback in recent years. They are available in a wide range of colours and styles which usually give a bold, modern look. The plastic material is more comfortable to wear in most cases due to the one, piece nose bridge. Plastic is also hypo-allergenic so metal allergies are avoided.

Metal Frames

Again the colours and styles available are wide ranging. Titanium is the strongest and most light weight of the frame materials, stainless steel is another strong metal chosen for its robustness. Bendable, "memory metals" which retain their shape when bent can also be used in frames, but it most be stressed that nothing is indestructible and each bend does weaken the frame! Nickle free metals are available for people with metal allergies.

Semi-Rimless Frames

These frames have a standard metal or plastic frame at the top or bottom of the frame but the other half is replaced by a nylon chord. These frames can give a hint of colour without being too bold. They are not available for glass lenses due to chipping along the exposed edge.

Rimless Frames

The lenses are held in place by screws or plugs connecting the bridge and arms to the lenses. These frames are the lightest weight spectacles and give the illusion of not wearing any glasses at all. Polycarbonate or strong plastic lenses are advised as standard glass or plastic can crack at the secure points. Extra care most be taken with rimless frames as they are more delicate than ordinary frames.


We offer a wide range of sunglasses which can be made to prescription or bought as they are. Men’s and women’s traditional styles as well as fashion lables and children’s sunglasses are available. The best selection is available early summer but we carry ranges throughout the year.

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